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Watering Mud For Gardening Flower Dripping Device

Watering Mud For Gardening Flower Dripping Device

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The new PP irrigation plant replenishes water and fleshy drip dripping drip hose. Watering mud for gardening flower dripping device


Features: Universal vial holder (28mm), no bottle hole, adjustable water outlet speed, watering can be stopped without adding water, no worries for real travel for 3-20 days

1. Screw on the control valve

2. Screw on the bracket

3. Put the holder upside down in the mouth of the bottle

4. The bottle and sprinkler rotate quickly so that the sprinkler is located below

5. Insert the assembled watering device into the flower pot for fixing

Material: Environmental protection PP plastic

Size: 16.5 cm in diameter
Color: orange, blue, green
Application: Plant flowers, flower watering

Package includes: 1 *Automatic irrigation device


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