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Seed Sun Soil

Sewing Kit, Sewing Kit, Home Sewing Kit, Sewing Tool

Sewing Kit, Sewing Kit, Home Sewing Kit, Sewing Tool

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1. Modify clothes: Many ready-made clothes are not suitable, such as pants, the waist is suitable but the trousers are too long, and there are many who need to sew the trousers by themselves. It is very convenient to have a small sewing opportunity.
2. Handwork and waste utilization: Many people like to decorate their homes by hand, and they can also use some unnecessary clothes as waste, which is very beautiful.
3. Make life items by yourself: such as pet clothes, coasters, save money and add a sense of fun to life, after all, it is private customization!
4. Hobbies: If it is cospaly, you basically have to customize it yourself, and you can make coser clothes by yourself.


Square three-line sewing kit    

Product size open: length 26.5cmX width 12cmX height 2.5cm    

Product size together: length 12cmX width 12cmX height 2.5cm    

Product color: black     ( Accessories color random

Product weight: 115g    

Built-in accessories: dial 30 needle X1, lead X2, white buckle X3, pin X5, seam cutter X1, scisso

98pcs 1 set:

Included accessories: coil X22, color coil X2, pin insert X1, needle dial 30 pins X1, magnifier X1, syringe 5 pins X1, dark buckle X3, white buckle X3, black buckle X3, plastic lead X2, pearl Needle X10, large buckle X5, stainless steel scissors X1, nail clippers X1, tape measure X1, white pen X1, seam ripper X1, tensioner X1, green sweater pin X1, metal hat thimble X2, eyebrow clip X1, ear cut X1

Package content:

Set A: 1 * Sewing machine+ 70Pcs/set kit accessories

Set B: 1 * Sewing machine+ 98pcs/set kit accessories

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