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Seed Sun Soil

Quilted Paper Painting Creative Handmade Crafts

Quilted Paper Painting Creative Handmade Crafts

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Product information:
Material: craft paper
Item No.: 20 inches
Craft: Purely handmade
Category: Animal
Production process: quilling paper
Hanging form: hanging ornaments
Production method: pure manual
Colors: Success from the horse, fortune and deer, imposing tiger, Indian, whale dream cloud sky, owl, Songhe [horizontal], pink butterfly

Basic model: toolkit*1+custom quilling paper*1+base map*1,
Upgrade model: Toolkit*1+custom quilting paper*1+35 color quilting paper*1+base map*2,
Strengthen model: photo frame*1+tool kit*1+custom quilted paper*1+35 color quilted paper*1+base map*2

Quilling paper painting x1
Set: tweezers, awl, scissors

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