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Multifunction Electric Peeler for Fruit Vegetables kitchen Accessories Cutter Machine

Multifunction Electric Peeler for Fruit Vegetables kitchen Accessories Cutter Machine

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1. Three blades, one mounted on the machine and the other two mounted on the bottom of the base.
2. High-quality stainless steel blades for faster peeling of fruits and vegetables. It just moisturizes the skin without wasting any nutrients.
3. The user-friendly button design automatically starts peeling off with a gentle press.
4. The fixed moving needle can accommodate different sizes of vegetables and fruits.
5. The lower support holds the vegetables and fruits during the rotation. No need to grab the vegetables during the peeling process, the opponent is safe!
6. Durable plastic non-slip base for stability on the table or any other workplace.
7. It can be used not only with the battery but also with the charger, with high power and high work efficiency.
8. It can be peeled potatoes, sweet potatoes, pears, oranges, persimmons, mangoes, kiwis, cucumbers, radishes, papayas and other smooth and hard fruits and vegetables.
How to use
1. Center the food on the bottom food holder and press gently
Lower the upper food holder so that it grasps the food and holds it securely
2. Using the height adjustment lever, raise the cutter arm so that it rests on top of the food to be peeled. WARNING: Do not grab the cutter blade... it is razor-sharp!
3. While pressing lightly on the upper food holder, press the power button. The skin peels off in one clean, continuous curl.

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
Material grade: Food Grade
Color: White, Black, Green, Red
Product Size: 285 x 140 x 140mm/11.22 x 5.51 x 5.51in

Package Content:
1 x Electric Apple Peeler

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