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Kitchen hand push vegetable cutter

Kitchen hand push vegetable cutter

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 Multi-functional Vegetable Fruits Tools

   Product Information:

  • Material: high quality PP

  • Function: 5 in 1 

  • Application: vegetable & Fruits 

   Product Features:

  • Creative multi-functional vegetable fruits tools with 7 types of blades, perfect for masher, ricer,chopper,cutter,shredder.slicer...

  • 2 molds for slicer and cube cutter, eable you to get thin slice or thick slice, large and small cubes easily and quickly;

  • Detachable vegeatble container box, easy to wash after used;

  • Just change the blades and press for cutting different vegetables or fruits, very easy to operate, helps you cook better and faster, time and energy saving!

    Package includes: 1* 7 in 1 vegetable& fruits Gadget

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