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Japanese Jade Roast Pan

Japanese Jade Roast Pan

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1. The surface of the pan has a non-stick coating and does not contain chemical substances.
2. Only spray vegetable oil into the frying pan to prevent rust easily.
3. As time goes by, the pot will become smoother and smoother.
4. Dry and seal in a frying pan to avoid rust.

Product information:
Material: cast iron
Function: Japanese jade grilled thick egg grilled steak
Feature: Uncoated pot
Depth: 3cm
Colour: Black
Name: cast iron omelet pan
Material: cast iron
Size: as shown
Weight: about 1200g

1. Use for the first time: clean the frying pan and dry it. Pour a little cooking oil into the pot and let it stand for 5-10 hours.
2. The pot must be fully heated when cooking. Put the food in the pan after the oil is hot.
3. Don't use a pan for the first time cooking starchy food.

Why is the surface not smooth?
Cast iron pots are made by pouring molten iron into a mold. It is handmade and not polished.
What should I do if the frying pan is rusty?
Clean with a scouring pad and repeat the process instructions.

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Pan *1

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