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Hand-woven plant hanging basket cotton rope sling basket

Hand-woven plant hanging basket cotton rope sling basket

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Product Introduction:

Material: cotton yarn
Features: not easy to deform, strong and durable
Use form: wall-mounted, hanging basin, combination
Craft: Hand-woven
Production method: manual
Size: height 85 cm, height 90 cm, height 105 cm, height 122 cm

Application scenario: home furnishings, greening projects, flower nursery production, office, home gardening, balcony garden, shopping mall

1. Craft rope: The plant hanger is made of STRONG natural jute, with a hollow design, and its shrinkage and fashion are comparable to any modern or traditional style.
2. With a highly flexible weaving design, it can accommodate growers of various shapes and sizes, which is very suitable for flower pots with a diameter of 5.9" to 7.8". (Not including pot)
3. Hanging plant shelf can be used in living room, kitchen, corridor, patio, high and low ceiling.

Packing list: flowerpot*1

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