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Gardening Bracket Plant Plastic Finishing Bracket Tray

Gardening Bracket Plant Plastic Finishing Bracket Tray

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Compared with the planted flowers and plants, it creates a beautiful appearance
Durable and breathable: The square flowerpot is made of plastic, durable, lightweight, non-toxic, tasteless, and not easy to break; the hole at the bottom of the pot ensures good ventilation and easily meets the need for drainage.
Soft and stackable: These colorful square plastic flower pots have a smooth surface and will not scratch you; the regular square design allows you to stack these flower pots together to save space
Enjoy the fun of gardening: use these gardening tools and square plastic pots to plant small plants in your spare time, appreciate the charm of plants, and enjoy the company of plants;
You can also decorate your home and workplace with beautiful plants, please note that plants are not included in the package

Product information:

Name: 24 grid small bracket + 24 reinforced 7cm small square
Style: as shown
Material: plastic
Weight: 750g
Small square 7cm*7cm*8cm (length, width and height)


Bracket 430mm*290mm*50mm 


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